we finally have 3 winners


After reviewing 283 submitted articles, we finally have 3 winners 🎉🎉

List of Winners:
first winner
( Nima Bizhan)
Second winner(Amara Ken )
Third winner (Jannah )

Congratulations to all the winners🎊

Thanks to everyone who participated, We appreciate your support so far

If you didn’t win, don’t worry, we will have more contests coming soon.. just stay with us and keep going on.

The answer to our challenge from Nima First winner:

1-The first big difference between the Healthify Project and other projects is its applicability. The above project was created from scratch with a clear, unique and fully functional idea. That is, it solves the problem of human beings in today’s world.

2-The second interesting feature of this project is its humanitarian purpose. The founders of Healthify emphasize that their first goal is to encourage and promote the people of the world to a better life with exercise and healthy nutrition, and to earn money in the next step. In my opinion, this is a sacred goal.

3-The third important feature of this project is that in addition to people and enthusiasts, it covers all health activists. Including sports coaches, yoga, champions, manufacturers of sports products or supplements, fitness clubs, cross-fit, martial arts clubs, and …
On the other hand, for the first time, the concept of inter-club competitions has introduced fields such as bodybuilding, which will be really exciting and attractive.

The answer to our challenge from Amara second winner:

Healthify projects are unique in that it aims to merge the concept of METAVERSE to mental, physical health, and fitness by allowing health and fitness experts from all over the world to create their own specific clubs on the blockchain and earn money from it.

It is also different from other projects because it will enable users to access some really great health fitness and wellness services (via the best and modern technologies ) and tutorials from experts and consultants around the world to help them manage their fitness and mental health routines and also improve their lifestyles from the comfort of their homes 24/7 by staying connected to healthland.io.

The answer to our challenge from Jannah Third winner:

combining blockchain technology with health.
can get a double advantage. investment and physical and mental health.
merging metaverse and real

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