Opportunity in HealthLand

There are several ways to earn money in Healthland

  • There is a list of sports coaches in the app that is listed based on the type of specialization, background, qualifications, medals, and images. From this list, people choose their favorite coach and workout and under his supervision, coaches earn money for training.
  • Sports coaches can earn money by creating a virtual classroom in 3D, holding general training courses, or holding sports competitions in their field.
  • Production of educational content and their sale in Metavars and NFT stores

Manufacturers of sports products and supplements.

  • Manufacturers of sports products and supplements introduce and sell their products through the mobile app
  • in Metavars Healthland, they can have their own store and exhibition, and through it, they can try to attract their audience and advertise their product.
  • Also, surprise your customers by selling your special and exclusive products in the form of NFT.

Application users

  • All users can receive tokens by registering their sports activities.
  • This reward is given in order to motivate and encourage more users to do sports activities.
  • With the acquired tokens, users can choose their trainers or buy the products available in the store.
  • Users can also receive valuable prizes and rewards by introducing and promoting products and failing in online polls or contests.
  • Each week, a number of users who have had the most activity or have been selected as exemplary athletes through their coach will be awarded prizes by lottery.

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