The first project progress report

♨️Hello everyone,

I’m Hakan, One of the owners Healthify project. I decided to present a report on the progress of the project to our dear fans and followers every week.
First of all, I need to remind you that we were not looking for a regular token or a sheetcoin, we are not a memcoin, and we started from the beginning with a very large global project. To produce this token, there was a valuable and great goal with a huge achievement for the international community, and that is to create an integrated platform to facilitate sports and nutrition programs. More importantly, creating a world where everyone is happy together, helping each other, playing sports and virtual competitions together, and promoting the health of the people all the world.
According to the initial RoadMap, our team is currently focused on producing Metavars and mobile apps and connecting them to each other. I see some holders are worried about HTF price, but this worry is in vain because, after a severe price pump that occurred without any manipulation in the market, a little correction and stabilization of the price are normal. We are progressing step by step and we will all share in the benefits gained. We will never forget our loyal holders and we have various rewards and good news for them. For example, we plan to pre-sell Metavars blocks at a 50% discount for HTF holders, after which public sales will begin.
I ask all of you, as the primary and main stakeholders of the project, to introduce Healthify to everyone with full strength and faith, and to take on a part of the marketing and sales department voluntarily so that we can move forward with more focus.
Best wishes and Be Healthy

You can write directly to me:
[email protected]
Best Regards.

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