The second project progress report

Greetings again to all dear companions,

In the past week, the financial markets, especially the cryptocurrency markets, have been declining and the HTF has been fluctuating in a small range. This means the trust and hope of HTF holders. Loyalists of the great Healthify project know that the uptrend will begin soon, and this project is just the beginning. A bright path with a shiny horizon awaits HTF fans. Of course, it is natural that we will have ups and downs, but the result will certainly be positive and great.
I have good news for you today. The Metavars project is progressing rapidly, and we hope to be able to pre-sell Lands to our users much sooner than expected. In the pre-sale phase, prices will be offered at a significant discount, and in addition, buyers who buy with HTF will receive a double discount. We have decided to make the purchase possible only for our holders before the public sale starts, and this will be a gift to all loyal fans as an appreciation from the project team.
Finally, I must emphasize that the progress of the project is very satisfactory, and in the future, we will see very big and valuable events for HTF fans.

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Your teammate, Hakan🌸

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