Third HealthLand Team Report

Greetings again to all the followers and excellent team of Healthify,

Today I want to share some exciting information and very good news. We are close to starting the pre-sale of Metaverse lands. I would like to reveal a few of the special deals and privileges we are offering to our members.
A very big and valuable benefit only available to pre-purchases is a 10% to 50% discount. Prices for lands in the public sale stage will be much higher.
In addition, coaches, sports Heroes, nutritionists, sports doctors, and related companies can receive a gift of 7 plots of land.
Also, for each referral you provide that makes a purchase, you will make 10% of their purchase amount.
Each person that registers and is verified will receive a $5.00 bonus which can be used to buy lands.
the first Phase of the pre-sale of land is only possible by HTF tokens.
When choosing a name for your land, select a name that is suitable and potentially profitable. These names are exclusive and are tradable in the NFT store. You can make a profit just by selling a name.
Soon we will add a feature where your land will mine HTF tokens. You can benefit from this by purchasing more land or by maintaining your land.
These are just a few of the many benefits we have for loyal fans of the Healthify project. There will also be special benefits for the mobile app and NFT store.
There are many more benefits to come. Tell your friends and colleagues about the project and they can have many benefits and you Have to.
Stay tuned for the first Phase pre-sale announcement. People who sign up and buy sooner will make bigger profits.
If you know the heroes, coaches, or big companies, you can introduce them and make bigger profits this way too.
Write me anything you like: [email protected]
I wish you happiness and health along with great benefits.
Healthify Project, Hakan.

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