Build your club

Today, many people want to exercise at home and need scientific accurate exercise and nutrition programs to maintain their health and fitness. Anyone in Healthify Metaverse can build their own online club and train their students online, and this is one of the many ways to earn money through the unique Healthify project. We have created several ways to earn money, including:

  • Creating your own private club.
  • Making money from the competitions section.
  • Income through introducing and offering a company’s products.
  • Publish and share your personal experiences of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Publishing online videos of exciting sports activities such as mountaineering or boating.
  • Performing sports programs registering them and earning points, which are directly converted into Healthify tokens.

And many other methods are being considered and developed.
In addition, people who accompany us in the design, development, and introduction of our project will receive valuable awards.

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